Franchisees  זכיינים

we are looking for frenchisees from all the countries in the world.

If you know how to convince customer to buy professional and cheep software you are welcome to contact us for free franchicee. 

You dont have to leave your present work.

You will get a software that will help you manage your work.

You will get a list of domains and who baught them,in your country, so it will be easy find the potential customer. 

You get commision on every work that the customers you delive to us pay.

Contact whith the owner of the franchise. 

david avramov

can be on video whatsup

The frenchisee receives a 25% commission rate from the profit:
For a job a client wants (without a meeting with him just because he send him an email and he fills out a form).

​A customer can not submit the form without filling the franchisee field !!!
That way no franchisee will be deprived of the net.
This is the forum everyone of the customers will get

A commission will be given only on the execution of an actual order and after the customer has paid for it.

The viability of a customer working through a franchisee is not questionable.
The franchisee's wish is that the franchisee will receive as many commissions as he is the operational arm in each country for receiving software works.